Packaging Papers

MF (Machine Finished) Unbleached Kraft Papers

High Strength Sack Kraft Paper
High Porous and Friction extensible Sack Kraft Paper
High Porous extensible Sack Kraft Paper
One ply extensible sack Kraft Paper
High Strength Semi Extensible Sack Kraft Paper
MF (Machine Finished) Kraft
Gummed base Kraft paper
Other kraft papers

Options: Wet Strength

MG (Machine Glazed) Kraft Papers

MG Mail kraft paper (yellowish shade)
MG Kraft (Plain & Ribbed)
MG Kraft for Gumming

MG Papers are made within range from 25-160 g/m2

MF Bleached Kraft Papers

High Porous and Friction extensible Kraft
High porous extensible sack kraft paper
High strength semi extensible kraft paper
Smooth finished kraft
One-ply extensible sack kraft paper 

MG (Machine Glazed) bleached Kraft Papers

MG Bleached (plain & ribbed)
MG Cover (very low porosity)

with or without OBA (Optical Bleaching Agent)